May 01, 2008

Deep Edit Your Marriage with Margie Lawson! It's another First Friday with Margie! If you've taken Margie Lawson's Deep Edits course, you are in for a treat as Margie shows us how to use her writing techniques to analyze how our marriage relationship is functioning. ----------------------- DEEP EDIT YOUR MARRIAGE! If you know me, you know I’m a Deep Edit guru. I analyze people, books, characters, plot, writing craft . . . Analysis is my world. When thinking about writing a blog for FIRST FRIDAYS, an idea hit: Take my Five Question Scene Check list and apply it to marriage. Deep edit your marriage? I developed my Five Question Scene Check list (5Q) for writers to use as a tool to be sure they’ve covered all the facets of Margie-style deep editing. That’s psychologically anchored deep editing. Most of what I teach in my editing courses is what I’ve created. It’s not the editing espoused by your 10th grade English teacher. I present my 5Q in the Deep Editing course I teach on-line this month. The 5Q consists of five main questions. The subsets are killers. :-))) The multiple subset questions make you analyze, assess, probe, and justify each line, paragraph, page, and scene. Applying the 5Q to your manuscript is tough. Let’s see how tough those 5 questions are when we apply it to your marriage. Here are the 5Q topic questions. We’ll dive into each question in-depth below. 1. Any missed opportunities? 2. What could enhance emotion? 3. How can I up the stakes? 4....


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