January 03, 2008

Margie's January Relationship Tip: New Year Relationship Maps Welcome back Margie Lawson, Psychologist, Writer, Presenter, with more of her right-on relationship advice! -------------------------- It’s the NEW YEAR! Time to grab your honey and get him to talk to you! Okay--not the best plan. As much as couples could benefit from sitting down and chatting about how to improve their relationship every month . . . it’s probably not going to happen. How do you create your Relationship Map and keep him focused on your conversation? The boring ways may not work. Anything involving a legal pad and a serious expression on your face may prompt him to have an urgent need to paint the trim on the house. :-))) What if you SET IT UP to chat with him when he’s your captive? When you’re on a walk. When you’re out to dinner. When the two of you are in the car. Anytime it’s just the two of you . . . and no other events are adding pressure. Every couple needs a relationship map. Problems present when couples don’t have a map. Either they’ve never made one, or their map is outdated. When the next phase of their relationship journey is uncharted, how do they know where they’re heading? Start with plotting and planning the fun stuff. Save the To-Do’s and the What-You-Need for another time. BE STRATEGIC! Have your first mapping session focus on adding more good times. Plan your input a few days ahead. Come up with THREE POSITIVE THINGS that you think would improve...


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