November 12, 2007

Star Dater: Janet Dean! Please welcome today's guest blogger, my dear friend Janet Dean! Janet is one of the "Fab Four" 2005 Golden Heart finalists, along with Tina Russo Novinski Radcliffe, Julie Lessman, and me. .............. Myra asked for the most memorable romantic moment with my husband. That’s tough because we’ve had numerous romantic evenings—at least since the kids grew up and left home. Of course, there have been times my husband missed the mark. Like on my birthday several years ago. My father was ill. We were at the hospital, too concerned to think about a gift. But my husband had remembered to buy a card. Inside he’d scrawled the promise of a bouquet of flowers every month all year long. I suspected they’d come from the grocery store, but I didn’t care. Saving money made sense, especially with one child in college. I was deeply touched by his thoughtfulness and the delightful prospect of seeing him walk in the door bearing a bouquet. The first month arrived—and passed. No flowers. I asked him about them and he said, “I thought you’d pick them up when you did the shopping.” Thankfully, there were other times. ☺ Like one Saturday evening a few years ago. We had no plans, so he grilled steaks and we enjoyed a candlelit dinner in the dining room. Romantic music played softly in the background. We’d finished eating when “Unforgettable,” a favorite song we always dance to at weddings, came on the stereo. Without a word, my husband rose....


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