September 10, 2007

To Brand or Not to Brand? First of all, thanks to everyone who visited my blog yesterday for the Camy Tang interview. That gal is a virtual fount of writing information, and she has plenty more to offer in her Story Sensei blog. Yesterday's Story Sensei post touched on branding, a hot topic among my critique group members. As the ACFW conference nears, we've been tweaking our personal taglines to include on one-sheets and business cards. It's not easy pinning down your writing to a short, catchy phrase. Mine has morphed through so many incarnations over the past few weeks that I've lost count. And I'm still not completely settled on it. Real love. Real faith. Real life. Real women. Real love. Real faith. . . . Real life. Hopelessly romantic, honestly real. Hopelessly romantic, poignantly real. Hopelessly romantic, compellingly real. Romance. Really. Are you beginning to get the picture? My agent has told me the real challenge in selling my work has been the fact that I don't write traditional (read "formulaic") romance. As I've heard one published author describe her books, I write "love stories." Stories about love. Families. Forgiveness. Hope. There's always an element of romance, but romance isn't always the central plot issue. The rationale behind branding, as Camy explains in her blog, is that it gives editors a handle on marketing you. They know where to fit you into their lines. They know how to promote you and sell more books. And isn't that what we all want? Well, beyond getting...


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